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1.  Give us a call 207-907-4380 and place your order

2.  Provide name and credit card info

3. Give us appx 30 minutes (unless told otherwise)

4. Park on Broad Street in our designated pickup spots.

5. Enter the back door. Please see staff for your order. 

        5a. If you prefer curbside, please let us know. We’ll bring it to you.


Parking is on Broad
Street behind NDH



monday — Thursday

4pm – 10pm

Friday and saturday


Our menus will be posted on our social media platforms and our website.

Please scroll below to access our current menus.

Our goal is to keep everyone healthy and fed

Our Food…

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We want to create delicious simple foods without the headaches, costs and problems of running a full blown restaurant. We use locally supplied, locally grown, Made in Maine food, whenever possible. This may not always be the case, but please be assured our ingredients will be from responsible, quality suppliers who commit to hormone/antibiotic free products. Our plates will be prepared using artisan cheeses, meats, seafoods, produce and breads.


  • We produce 85% of our menu items, sides and condiments in Haus.
  • We grind, case and smoke all of the sausages that we feature.
  • Our burgers are sourced from Herring Bros in Dover Foxcroft. They source local farms for the beef.
  • We work with small, local producers for our charcuterie and the cheeses that we offer.

Things that aren’t Beer

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We wish to take our bartending back to simpler times when a Martini was just that. When Manhattans, Old Fashioneds and basic cocktails were all the rage, when no one had heard of Allen’s, Pucker or 100 different flavored vodkas. We provide you with some delicious choices for your imbibing pleasure but if you don’t see something you love, be adventurous. Try something new or something old. Our offerings will consist of quality spirits meant to be enjoyed rocks or neat. We also stock a limited amount of mixers if that is your desire. 

Our wine list…
 Not that there is anything wrong with wine, but beer is our passion. We offer our guests a selection of handpicked quality wines. You should be able to find a favorite within our selection. We stock a selection of mead for the more adventuresome.  

We stock an extensive cider selection. Everything from small, local producers to imported French ciders are represented. All of are ciders are said to be gluten free, so they make some interesting options for those who have to watch their intake.