We want to be up front with you about our offerings.
We know that some may question our selection. We call that focus.

In this modern world where the chain operated restaurants dominate and can be
everything to everybody, we hope that you will find comfort in the simpler side of things.

We limit what we do because we want to be the best at what we do.

Our guests’ experience is what is important.
It allows us to concentrate on what is really important.
That would be you.

So thanks for coming to visit. We truly appreciate your patronage.

We are also quite confident you’ll get pleasure from your visit……Cheers!

Gene Beck – Proprietor


Welcome to Nocturnem Draft Haus

A long time dream of opening a high end beer bar in our humble town has become a reality. Our mission is to serve our guests the finest beers from Maine, the US and abroad paired with some artisan-style, simply prepared, locally sourced food. We are not pretentious. We are down to earth. We are not beer snobs. We are adventurers. We are a collection of many walks of life, seeking better enjoyment out of our beverage purchases. We simply strive to find better offerings than are mass marketed to us every day. We are however a place where all will feel comfortable. A place where sharing, discussion and tasting is encouraged. A place to broaden your horizons into the realm of the beer world.

Our name…

My heritage is German and French. The name Nocturnem comes from the Armorem Nocturnem, meaning “coat of arms of the night”. Nocturnem is Latin for “of the night”. Draft Haus sums up our focus. We hope to meet your expectations. 

Our food…

We want to create delicious simple foods without the headaches, costs and problems of running a full blown restaurant. We use locally supplied, locally grown, Made in Maine food, whenever possible. This may not always be the case, but please be assured our ingredients will be from responsible, quality suppliers who commit to hormone/antibiotic free products. Our plates will be prepared using artisan cheeses, meats, seafoods, produce and breads. 

Our drink list…

We wish to take our bartending back to simpler times when a Martini was just that. When Manhattans, Old Fashioneds and basic cocktails were all the rage, when no one had heard of Allen’s, Pucker or 100 different flavored vodkas. We provide you with some delicious choices for your imbibing pleasure but if you don’t see something you love, be adventurous. Try something new or something old. Our offerings will consist of quality spirits meant to be enjoyed rocks or neat. We also stock a limited amount of mixers if that is your desire. 

 Our wine list…

 Not that there is anything wrong with wine, but beer is our passion. We offer our guests a selection of handpicked quality wines. You should be able to find a favorite within our selection. We stock a selection of mead for the more adventuresome.