Wine, Cider & Mead

updated 5/4/18


Maine-Made Wine                          Glass  Btl

Winterport Winery Cranberry                  7     26

     Gently tart, “smackin’ good” but with a dry finish.

Winterport Winery Orchard Blush           7     26

     A blend of apples and blueberries in a beautiful blend.


White Wine                                      Glass  Btl

Chardonnay – Grayson – CA                  7.5    27

     Bright, brisk acidity, good minerality with notes of pineapple and apricot.

Pinot Grigio – Cabert Friuli – ITA           7     26

     Simple and refreshing. Notes of apples and citrus. Bright acidity.

Riesling – Klostor – GER                         8     28

Semi-dry palate with peach, honey, and great acidity.

Sauvignon Blanc – Santa Inés – CHL       7     26

Lemon-lime and Fresca flavors followed by a finish of chunky grapefruit.


Red Wine

Cabernet – H3 – WA                                8     28

     A perfect balance of earth, mineral and deep berry flavors.

Malbec – La Linda – CHL                        8     28

     Intense cherries and spice. Smooth, balanced. Good tannins.

Pinot Noir – Luc Cholot – FRA               8     28

     Berries and cherries. Fresh and juicy. Medium body.

Tempranillo – Enanzo – ESP                    8     28

     Cherry, plum, black currant. Smooth and balanced. Excellent tannins.



Korbel Brut 187ml                                          7

Korbel Brut 750ml                                          19

Prosecco 187ml                                               7

Prosecco 750ml                                               19



Aged Sherry – Pedro Jimenez 4oz                     8

Port – Tawny – Ferreira           4oz                    8

Port – White – Ferreira            4oz                    8

Vermouth de Chambery (dry) Dolin 2oz            6

Vermouth de Chambery (rouge) Dolin 2oz         6



Angry Orchard 16oz                                                         5

Aspall Dry Draft Cider 500ml                                        10

Aspall Blush Draft Cider 500ml                                    10

Bantam Rojo 12oz                                                             5

Bantam Wunderkind 12oz                                              5

Christian Drouin Poire 750ml                                       18

Ciderboys Peach County 16oz                                       7

Crabbie’s Ginger Beer 12oz                                            6

Downeast Original Cider 12oz                                      5

Etienne Dupont Brut de Normandie 375ml               8

Magner’s Apple Cider 330ml                                         5

Magner’s Pear Cider 330ml                                            5

Norumbega Berry Medley 16oz                                     7.5

Norumbega Dry 16oz                                                       7.5

Oliver’s Gold Rush 500ml                                              8

Original Sin 12oz                                                               5

Rocky Ground Creature 375ml                                     10

Rocky Ground Mom’s Favorite 375ml                       10

Rocky Ground Russet Rebellion 375ml                      12

UFF Dry Cidah 12oz                                                        6

Whaleback Traditional Dry 500ml                               9

Winterport Winery Pear Cider 12oz                            7


Please check our bottle list for up to date selections



Meads ~~all are a 2oz pour in a snifter

Dansk Mjod Ginger                                         8

Dansk Mjod Viking Blod                                 8

Iqhilika Dry Mead                                           8

Iqhilika Chili Mead                                         8

Maine Mead Works Blueberry                         7

Maine Mead Works Cranberry                        7

Maine Mead Works Strawberry                      7

Moonlight Meadery Blissful                            7

Moonlight Meadery Coffee In Bed                  7

Moonlight Meadery Kurts Apple Pie              7

Moonlight Utopian                                          20




Please check with server for current selections.


**all prices subject to change without notice**


Printed Friday, May 4, 2018