Draft List Update 7/5

1 Saison DuPont Cuvee Dry Hopping-BEL-6.5%
Saison A world-class saison. A complex blend of sweet and spicy yet very drinkable and refreshing. 10oz
2 Bissell Bros Bucolia-ME-5.6%
American Amber Ale
3 Duchesse du Bourgogne-BEL-6.2%
Flanders Red Ale
4 Banded Horn Green Warden-ME-5.6%
American Pale Ale
5 Dirigo Lager-ME-4.7%
German-Style Helles Lager
6 Foundation Burnside-ME-5.1%
American Brown Ale
7 Maine Beer Co Another One-ME-7%
American IPA
8 Banded Horn Sell Out DIPA-ME-8%
American DIPA

9 Rising Tide MITA-ME-4.3%
Session IPA
10 Gneiss Brewing Himbiere-ME-3.1%
Raspberry Berliner Weisse

11 Hitachino Nest Dai Dai-JAP-6.2%
Indigenous Pale Ale
12 Marsh Island 20 Gauge-ME-7.2%
American IPA
13 White Birch Berliner Weisse-NH-5.5%
Berliner Weisse
14 Allagash Saison-ME-6.1%
Belgian-Style Farmhouse Ale
LAMBIC Lindeman’s Framboise-BEL-3.4%
Belgian Lambic


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