Draft List Update 7/13

1 Saison DuPont Cuvee Dry Hopping-BEL-6.5%
A world-class saison. A complex blend of sweet and spicy yet very drinkable and refreshing. 10oz
2 Banded Horn/OBC Stillwater Runs Deep
American IPA
3 Duchesse du Bourgogne-BEL-6.2%
Flanders Red Ale

ON DECK Lone Pine Portland Pale Ale-ME-5.2%

Orono Brewing Co Tiger Style Fierce Pale

5 Gneiss Sonnenschien-ME-4.5%
6 Geaghan Bros Bangor Brown-ME-6.2%
American Brown Ale

7 Maine Beer Co Post Ride Snack-ME-4.5%
American IPA

ON DECK Rising Tide Zephyr IPA-ME-7.2%

Black Bear Brewing T-Wave-ME-6.4%

9 Foundation Epiphany-ME-8%
American DIPA
10 Oxbow First Fruits-ME-7.1%
American Wild Ale
11 Black Bear Liquid Sunshine-ME-5.1%
12 Mast Landing Dash IPA-ME-7.2%
American IPA
13 Alvinne Omega-BEL-7.5%
Belgian Sour Blonde

14 Allagash Saison-ME-6.1%

CASK Airline Brewing Co Rye Pale Ale-ME-5.4%
American Pale Ale
LAMBIC Lindeman’s Framboise-BEL-3.4%
Belgian Lambic


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