Draft List Update 3/7

1 Ballast Point Red Velvet-CA-5.5% -nitro
Golden Nitro Stout A mind-bending beer. Like the cake that inspired it, the deep red color comes from beets, which add a rich, earthy character that complements the chocolate flavor and aroma. 16oz
2 Airline Brewing Golden Ale-ME-6%
Golden Ale
3 Airline Brewing English 101-ME-3.4%
English Ale
4 Airline Brewing Rye Pale Ale-ME-5.5%
American Rye Ale
5 Airline Brewing Red Ale-ME-5.1%
Irish Red Ale
6 Geaghan Bros Tiger IPA-ME-6.3%
American IPA
7 Geaghan Bros Pilsner-ME-4.8%
8 Geaghan Bros Penobscot Icebreaker-ME-7.3%
Winter Warmer
9 O.E.C Artista Zynergia- Artamas-CT-6.3%
Farmhouse Saison
10 Maine Beer Co Woods and Waters-ME-6.2%
American IPA
11 Foundation Winter Lager-ME-4.8%
Dark German-Style Lager
12 Dieu du Ciel 2015 Peche Mortel-QUE-9.5%
Imperial Coffee Stout

13 Marshall Wharf Satan’s Doorbell-ME-3.5%
American Wild Ale

14 Banded Horn Pepperell Pils-ME-4.8%

LAMBIC Lindeman’s Framboise-BEL-3.4%
Belgian Lambic

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