Draft List Update 4/11

1 Ommegang Game of Thrones Fire and Blood-NY-6.8%

                                                        Chili infused red rye ale

2 Lagunitas Undercover InvestigationShut Down-CA-9.75%

                                                              American Strong Ale

3 Maine Beer Company Lunch-ME-7%                                                                         American IPA
4 Lagunitas Rye Barrel-Aged Capp Stout-CA-9.8%

American Imperial Stout aged for 4 months in

High West Rendezvous Rye Whisky barrels

5 Sebago Fryes Leap IPA -ME-5.2%                                                                         American IPA
6 Pretty Things Jack d’Or-MA-6.5%                                                        American Farmhouse Ale
7 de Glazen Toren Canaster-BEL-9.5%                                                                   Winter Scotch Ale
8 Gneiss StRYEation-ME-5.3%                                                                              Roeggenbier
9 Lindeman’s Faro-BEL-4.7%                                                        Belgian Blended Lambic
10 Sebago Full Throttle DIPA-ME-8.4%                                                            American Double IPA
11 Kerkom Bink Blonde-BEL-5.5%                                                                   Belgian Blonde Ale
12 UFF Sour Cider-ME-4.5%                                                                    Cider/Kombucha
13 Reissdorf Kolsch-GER-5%                                                                       German Kolsch
14 Allagash Ginger Wit-ME-7.95%                                                                                  Wit Bier
Cask Sebago Vanilla Bourbon Lake Trout Stout                                                     -ME-4.7% before the barrel


Lindeman’s Framboise-BEL-5%
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