Draft List Update 7/9

1 Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar-SWE-8.5%                                                                           Double IPA
2 Green Flash Imperial IPA-CA-9.4%
3 Allagash Black-ME-7.5%
4 Allagash White-ME-5%
5 Rogue XS Deadguy-OR-9.5%
6 Gritty Mc Duff’s Black Fly Stout-ME-5%                                                                                          nitro
7 Sixpoint “Spice of Life” -NY-6.5%Glacier Hops
8 Geary’s Summer Ale-ME-6.2%
9 Baxter Amber Road-ME-5.5%
10 Smuttynose Luna Moth -NH-7.2%
11 Sixpoint “The Crisp” Lager-NY-5.4%
12 UFF “Baby Jimmy” Cidah-ME-6%
13 Oxbow “Loretta”-ME-4%
14 Sixpoint Mad Scientist #14-NY-??%                                                             The Grätzer




St Louis Framboise-BEL-5%
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