Beer 201 Classes

Beer 201 Classes

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Wish you knew more about beer?
Daunted by retail displays and obscure tap lists?

We will be holding a 4 week Beer 201 series of
informational classes for interested fans of good beer.
These are intermediate level classes designed with
simplicity in mind. A great growing point for
beginners or a great refresher for the advanced.

Week 1– How Beer Is Made/Beginning Brewing Techniques
Week 2-Intermediate Styles and Flavor Profiles
Week 3- Food Pairing w/Beer
Week 4-Brewery Led Tour Of The Senses

$10 per week, per person except Week 4.
Week 4 is invite only to those who have attended at least 1 class.
VIP Week 4 Class-Tuesday November 26
Perfect Attendance $10 Slacker Cost $20

Classes start Tuesday November 5 at 7pm

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