SourFest Draft List 8/23

1 St Louis Fond Tradition Gueuze-BEL-5% Tart   sourness. Great wild yeast. Some funkiness. Clean malts form the foundation   with some candi sugar to sweeten it. Well balanced and built, though simple.                                                                           10oz $7
2 Monk’s   Café Sour-BEL-6%          Flander’s Oud Bruin Sweet   cherry forms the base of the flavor profile, with heavy vinegar and cider   tones at the finish. Toasty oak becomes evident as it warms, along with a bit   of horse blanket.                                                                 10oz $7
3 Allagash Confluence-ME-7.5%     American Wild Ale Confluence   is brewed with a blend of malts, resulting in a complex profile. Tettnang and   East Kent Golding hops are added to lend sweet and spicy citrus aroma.   Fermented with Belgian style yeast in combination with a Brettanomyces   strain.                                         10oz $7
4 1809   Berliner Weisse-GER-4%      Weissebier w/Brett Quite dry   and tart, highly complex combination of fruitness and lactic sourness. Dry   and tart, with a long aftertaste.                                 12oz


              Add raspberry or woodruff syrup   for an interesting twist


5 Posca Rustica-BEL-8%                        Belgian Gruit It is a “Cervoise” beer spiced with a gruit   . Posca Rustica beer is highly, if delicately, spiced. Sweet woodruff  and bog myrtle are but two of about a dozen   spices used. Posca Rustica has a unique, odiferous and spicy character.                                                                                     10oz $7
6 Oxbow   Farmhouse Pale-ME-6% Citrus,   Herbal, Rustic, Dry                                                                 16oz $6
7 UFF Sour Cidah-ME-6.5% Fresh   pressed, wild fermented cidah                                                    16oz $6
8 Jolly   Pumpkin Madrugada Obscura-MI-8.1% Madrugada   Obscura “Dark Dawn” – A Belgian inspired stout that is as dark as a   moonless midnight, brimming of roasted malts and bitter hops.                                                                                                   10oz $7
9 Mestreechs   Aajt-BEL-5%                 Oud Bruin Cuvee Blend of   “Hollandish” Oud Brouin, “Dortmunder” lager bock bier and   the “primeval” beer. The “primal” beer has been aged in   traditional wooden barrels. It introduces lactobacilli, Brettanomyces and   other microflora into the very complex blend.                                           10oz $7
10 Baladin   Nora Sour-ITL-6.8%   Belgian Strong Dark Ale Starts out fairly sweet with the flavor of   the honey dominating. After the honey sweetness, there are more subtle yet   complex flavors of orange peel, ginger, and black pepper.                                                                                                        10oz $7
11 Petrus   Aged Pale-BEL-7.3%         Flanders Oud Bruin Upfront tartness, oak flavors, hints of   earthiness w/ complex yeast. Faint sherry character as the warmth of the   alcohol becomes more apparent with its slightly ester profile. Finishes with   more wood on a dry note                                                                                               10oz $7
12 Warsteiner   Lager-GER-5% Clean and crisp palate with a moderate body   and solid stream of carbonation. Grassy malt flavor middle to end with a   touch of sweetness up front but very dry in the back.                                      16oz $5
13 Green   Flash Retro Pale Ale-CA-5.4% Easy drinking, smooth pale ale.                                                          16oz $5
14 Atlantic   Big Wicked IPA-ME-6.8% Maine-Made   American IPA                                                             16oz $5


St   Louis Framboise-BEL-6% Raspberry Infused Belgian Lambic    Sweet, yet a little tart.           8oz $6

Our Draft List

Meads 2oz     pour in a snifter

Urban Farm Fermentory Blueberry Mead $6

Viking Blod-Danish Mead $6                      B.Nektar     Orange Blossom $6

B.Nektar Wildberry —$6     iQhilika Cape Fig     Mead      $6

Maine Mead Works—Dry-Hopped, Strawberry, Apple Cyser,     Spiced Mead $6

Fat Friar Farms (Newcastle)-Honey Mead $6



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