Draft List Update 3/9




Gales Conquest Masterbrew 2000 Zymatore

*****NDH World Exclusive Beer*****9.5%

11yr old English   Old Ale aged in barrels that previously held Pinot Noir & Belgian Owl   Whisky. Each bottle was corked and poured into the 60 gal barrels and aged   for 9 months until perfection!   12oz
2 Erdinger   DunkelWeisse-GER-5.2% German   Dark Wheat Beer-16oz
3 Thornbridge Raven Black IPA Zymatore


Black   IPA aged in Pinot Noir/Whisky Barrels. 12oz
4 BFM Abbaye De Saint Bon-Chien 2010


The Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien, Strong sour ale,   11% vol. is a real UFO, this is a beer brewed in honor of the former brewery   cat, sanctified when he disappeared. This wine with hints of amber-red is   matured for months in oak barrels that previously contained wine or   eau-de-vie. These barrels give flavor to this very complex beer. 10oz
5 BFM LaMeule-SUI-6% A blonde with an intense bouquet marked by notes   of hops powerful (citrus, dried grass, ginger) and highlighted with a hint of   sage in his mouth dry end gives way to frank imparting bitterness to this   beer length .10oz
6 Old Engine Oil   Reserve Black Ale-SCOT-9% Scottish Black Ale-10oz
7 Verdi-(Birrificio Del Ducato)-ITL-8.2% Italian-Made Imperial   Stout-10oz
8 Rising Tide   Daymark-ME-5.5% Maine-Made Rye Infused Pale Ale-16oz
9 Stone   IPA-CA-6.2% American India   Pale Ale-16oz
10 Black   Bear Pail Ale-6% Maine-Made American   Pale Ale-16oz
11 Dogfish   Head Noble Rot-DE-9% Ale brewed w/   must from Viognier grapes.10oz
12 Seson-(Piccolo Birrificio)-ITL-6% Italian-Made   Farmhouse Ale(Saison)-10oz
13 Downeast   Original Cider-ME-5% Maine-Made Apple Cider-16oz
14 Nogne   O Imperial Stout-NOR-9% Russian Imperial Stout-10oz
Cask RCH   Old Slug Porter-UK-4.5% English Dark   Porter-16oz
Lambic Oud   Beersel Framboise-BEL-5% Belgian   Raspberry-Infused Lambic (funky) 8oz

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