Draft List Update 1/12

1 DeDolle Bos Keun-BEL-10% Belgian   Strong Pale Ale-10oz
2 Ayinger Celebrator-GER-6.7% German   Dopplebock-12oz
3 Ommegang   Adoration-NY-10% Strong Belgian Dark Ale-10oz
4 Bitter & Twisted-SCOT-5% Scottish   IPA-16oz
5 Peak Organic IPA-7.2% Maine-Made   India Pale Ale-16oz
6 Marshall Wharf Baltic Porter-ME-8.5% Maine-Made   Baltic Porter-12oz
7 Rogue Chipotle Ale-OR-5.5% American   Chile Ale-16oz
8 Foret   Blanche-BEL-5% Belgian Witbier-12oz
9 Flying Dog Raging Bitch-MD-9% Belgian-Yeast   Fermented IPA-16oz
10 Maine Beer Co. Mean Old Tom-ME-6.5% American Stout-16oz
11 Angry   Orchard Cider-MA-5% American   Apple Cider-16oz
12 Mikkeller   Santa’s Little Helper-BEL-10.9% Strong Belgian Dark Ale-10oz
13 Run of the Mill Bug Lager-ME-4.8% Maine-Made Light Lager-16oz
14 Schneider & Sohn Hefeweisse-GER-5% German   Hefeweisse-16oz
Cask Old Engine Oil Special Reserve-SCOT-9% Scottish   Black Ale-12oz
Lambic Lindeman’s   Framboise-BEL-5% Belgian Raspberry-Infused Lambic-10oz

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