Dogfish Keg Party 1/26

1 Dogfish 120 Minute IPA-DE-18% The   motherlode of IPA’s. Big, bold, badass!

~~~Limit   1 per customer~~8oz

2 Dogfish TaHenket-DE-4.5% American   Pale Wheat w/chamomile & spice
3 Dogfish SahTea-DE-9% Sah’tea is flavored with black tea, cardamom, cinnamon,   ginger, cloves and black pepper
4 Dogfish Namaste-DE-5% Belgian   Witbier w/lemongrass & coriander
5 Dogfish My Antonia-DE-7.5% Continuously   hopped Imperial Pilsner
6 Dogfish Faithful Ale-DE-7% Belgian-style   golden ale delicately hopped

 w/ black currants

7 Dogfish Pangea-DE-7% Belgian   Strong Pale Ale
8 Dogfish   Burton Baton-DE-9.5% Dogfish 90 Min IPA aged in oak barrels
9 Dogfish ImmortAle-DE-11% Using maple syrup, peat-smoked barley,   juniper berries and vanilla.
10 Dogfish Palo Santo-DE-12% Huge, roasted   barley brown ale w/ caramel, vanilla, Paraguayan palo santo wood
11 Dogfish   Old School Barleywine-DE-15% American   Barleywine-8oz
12 Dogfish   Fort-DE-18% Belgian-yeast fermented raspberry beer – 8oz
3 Dogfish Indian Brown-DE-7.2% American Brown Ale.–well hopped 16oz
14 Dogfish Chicory Stout-DE-5.2% American Stout   brewed w/ chicory
Cask J.W.Lees 2010 Harvest Ale-UK-10.5% English   Barley-Wine-10oz
Lambic St   Louis Framboise-BEL-5% Belgian Raspberry-Infused Lambic-10oz

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