Run of the Mill Mini Tap Takeover 11/17

1 Rising Tide Atlantis-ME-5.5% Maine-Made
American Black Ale-16oz
2 Rising Tide Daymark-ME-5.5% Maine-Made Rye
Infused Pale Ale-16oz
3 Rising
Tide Ursa Minor-ME-6.7%
Wheat Stout-16oz
4 Allagash Hugh Malone-ME-8.5% Maine-Made
Belgian IPA-10oz
5 Sebago Lake Trout Stout-ME-6.2% Maine-Made
American Stout-16oz
6 Maine Beer Co. Peeper Ale-ME-5.5% Maine-Made
American Pale-16oz
7 Maine Beer Co. Zoe-ME-7.2% Maine-Made
American Amber Ale-16oz
8 Run
of the Mill Bug Lager-ME-5%
Maine-Made Bohemian Pilsner-16oz
9 Run of the Mill State Budget Red-ME-4.9% Maine-Made
American Red Ale-16oz
10 Run of the Mill Alewife Ale-ME-4.4% Maine-Made English
Pale Ale-16oz
11 Run of the Mill Old Tannery
American Brown Ale-16oz
12 Run of the Mill Impact Pale Ale-ME-5.6% Maine-Made
13 Run
of the Mill Chazmo Altbier-ME-6.1%
Maine-Made German Altbier-16oz
14 Run of the Mill Tarbox Cream Stout-ME-4.5% Maine-Made Irish Dry
Cask Sebago Slick Nick Winter Ale-ME-6.2% Maine-Made
Dry Hopped IPA-16oz
Lambic St
Louis Framboise-BEL-5%
Belgian Raspberry-Infused Lambic-10oz

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